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Discovery Design Workshop

Time: 8th Nov (Saturday), 2014, 1:00 am-16:00 pm
Venue: 1882 West Yan An Road, Donghua University Campus, Raffles Design Institute Building

What you will learn

The History of British Suit by Philippa Coates
The history of the suit Evolution of styles The British suit and Savile Row Stages of production of a British suit. Discussion regarding English versus Italian suits. Cloth selection and uses. Details and design of suits, images and examples. Style details and change throughout the last 100 years Audience to design a suit referencing, Italian or British style and features of different eras from the last 100 years and cloth selection.

What is Raffles Discovery Design Workshop?

Raffles Discovery Design Workshop are a series of classes whereby Raffles Design Institute Shanghai provide a series of experience courses for young students or the public who dream of being a designers, creating own companies or brands to explore path to success in creative industries and business world. RDI will select the most representative courses from its programs to be presented by senior academic staff on weekends. This is the chance for the attendees to fully experience unique education mode and international environment of Raffles Design Institute, and most importantly, for them to explore their future career path and finally make dreams come true.

Previous Raffles Open House Day

Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai held several Open House Days on weekends, appealing more than 40 students who aim at becoming designers or business leaders and their parents for each session.They had the chance to interact with the foreign lecturers from all programs including ESL and understand more about characteristics of each program and skills that students will possess in future. Centre of Professional Development also introduced the career prospects of design & business students.

The students & parents visited the student project displays organized by Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Interior Design, Fashion Marketing & Commerce. Lecturers prepared various activities for the students, allowing them to have a deep understanding about what the programs will offer. For example, lecturers from Fashion Design demonstrated their exquisite craftsmanship of fashion draping on miniature mannequins, which was definitelyan eye-opener for the visitors. After demonstration, the students also tried to create their own outfit on miniature mannequins under the guidance of fashion design lecturers, and the results were promising.

Previous Raffles Discovery Design Workshop

From Old to New, Recycled Fashion by Liz Thng

On Jan 26, 2013, the first Raffes class attracted many fashion lovers. Liz Thng, assistant program director of Fashion Design Department presented them a fresh and original class: how to transfer your old clothes to trendy items. Just by scissors, with several simple cutting, Liz turned old and outdated shirts, sweaters or jeans into surprisingly fashionable garments, which all the attendees would love to wear. The audience were bowled over by Liz’s exquisite skills.

After Liz’s demonstration, one of the attendees succeed in transforming one shirt and a pair of jeans into something new with guidance of Liz. This class showed to the audience that Fashion Design can be simple and fun.

Raffles Open Class-Menswear Workshop

December 8, 2012, more than 20 design lovers attended Raffles Open Class. This week, the class focused on menswear design, which is one of fashion’s fastest growing fields.

First of all, Jeremy Wee, senior lecturer from Fashion Design, presented a brief process of menswear design, from market research and inspiration to producing final collection. After the presentation, the attendees moved to workshop classrooms to have a close-look at the menswear collections fashion design students currently working on. From theory to practice, Raffles Open Class provided the comprehensive experience of menswear design for the attendees.

Raffles Open Class-inside stories of a fashion show

November 17, 2012, Raffles Design Institute presented a special topic on what behind the curtain of a fashion to the attendees of Raffles Open Class. The class was delivered by Francoise Tellier, program director of Fashion Marketing.

During this session, Francoise introduced the whole process of a fashion show, including objects, preparation, creation of a fashion show, model casting and budget, etc. As one subject in fashion marketing program, students organize one fashion show every term. Francoise also invited the students who are preparing this term’s show to give a talk about how they prepare their show to the attendees.

History of Costume by Jeremy Wee

November 3, 2012, wearing a modern version of ancient Roman-style outfit, Jeremy Wee, Fashion Design senior lecturer amused more 20 curious students and parents with an interesting and unique class about history of costume, by demonstrating them development of fashion and styles.

In history class, Raffles approach is everything but boring. It is fun, creative and fruitful. Students will study politics, economy and culture to understand comprehensively the evolution of fashion. The most unique part is that students will use their imagination and creativity to design their own costume and dress up in the class according to the historic period the learn each class.