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Raffles Shanghai Celebrates 20th Anniversary at Shanghai Fashion Week 2014 AW

April 15, 2014, Shanghai- Shanghai Fashion Week will be brimming with jubilation as Raffles Design Institute Shanghai celebrates its educational establishment of 20 years with a proven track record of producing some of the most talented and creative designers in China.

RDI Shanghai, a higher education institute that prides itself on its hands-on approach to education, kicks off its 20th anniversary celebration at Xintiandi honoring nine fashion design graduates and ten well-known alumni to highlight their exemplary designs in a highly anticipated show at Shanghai Fashion Week 2014 Autumn/Winter.

The graduation collections showcase the edgy silhouette
Pattern and cutting are also where these young designers focus on
Raffles students show their strength in designing both marketable collections and Haute Couture

As a leading design and business educational establishment in the Asia-Pacific region since 1994, RDI Shanghai has had a history of incubating over tens of thousands of design and commercial talents for creative industries in China. Within this span of two decades, RDI Shanghai has consistently produced graduates who have become renowned designers, held managerial positions in global companies, collaborated with industrial partners, won in local and international competitions while top students have been chosen among other students worldwide to attend international conferences and fashion shows by major luxury fashion brands.

RDI Shanghai adopts a holistic approach in providing education that seeks to nurture the talents and unleash students’ creativity to the fullest potential. As such, the nine RDI Shanghai graduates selected from many other graduates include Gong Jiaqi, winner of Ecochic Design Award China 2012 whose “recycled” collection was sold at ten Esprit flagship stores in May last year. Raffles designers will also display ancient era couture collection and unique works juxtaposing transparent materials and glassy texture. An emulation of superb piece of craftsmanship and design, all these and other collections represent sophisticated and classy Raffles’ fashion design.

Brand Davidson Tsui by Xu Xiaoling, 2007 Fashion Design graduate
Brand Helen Lee by Li Hongyan, 2000 Fashion Design graduate
Brand Nicole Zhang by Zhang Xu, 2002 Fashion Design graduate
Brand Natalia Kiantoro by Natalia Kiantoro (Indonesia), 2011 Fashion Design graduate
Brand XISU by Li Xiaoming, 2006 Fashion Design graduate
Brand KelKel founded by Wang Hanqing & Liu Lu, 2009 Commerce graduates
Brand Roderic Wong by Wang Liang, 2011 Fashion Design graduate
Brand May J by Jiang Ling, 2003 Fashion Design graduate
Brand Moodbox by Qin Xu, 2010 Fashion Design graduate

The air of festivity is celebrated not only with its own designers showcasing their latest and original designs but also its 10 alumni with their brands and recent collections. Some of them include the famous and leading fashion brands such as Helen Lee by Li Hongyan and May J by Jiang Ling, Nicole Zhang by Zhang Xu, as well as the emerging brands like XISU by Li Xiaoming, Davidson Tsui by Xu Xiaoling and Moodbox by Qin Xu.

nternational award winners Wang Liang and Natalia Kiantoro, who won grand prizes in international competitions, will take the spotlight at the show. KelKel, a high-end children’s wear brand established by 2 Commerce graduates Wang Hanqin and Liu Lu will hit the runway while Roderic Wong, the winner of the Audi Star Creation Awards 2012, will also exhibit his personal fashion brand. The ten alumni are only few who exemplify the countless successful graduates who benefitted from Raffles education. Their resounding success attests to Raffles’ unwavering efforts to foster design and business talents.

The Raffles’ 20th Anniversary Show draws a staggering attendance of over four hundred distinguished local and international guests including government officials, industry partners, senior leaders of Donghua University, senior management staff of Raffles Education Corporation, renowned fashion designers, fashion editors, etc. This grand fashion show gathers the up-and-coming designers and the elite alumni who will once again demonstrate their outstanding and professional education from Raffles.

As Raffles Shanghai reaches another milestone and makes a giant leap in the years ahead, it will continue its tradition of excellence and mold more talents who uphold the Raffles motto- Success by Design!


About Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai

Established in 1994, Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai is collaboration between Singapore’s Raffles Design Institute and Dong Hua University, China. The college enjoys pioneer status as one of the earliest approved Sino-Foreign Joint Cooperative Schools in China.

Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai is located within the campus of Dong Hua University, one of the most prestigious top ranking universities in China. Throughout its 20 years of development, Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai has become the leading creative and business education provider in China offering higher education programs of international standards across a variety of disciplines in a multicultural setting.

Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai is committed to nurturing creative talents and design management expertise for the arts and design industry. Over the years, the college has built up a strong reputation for producing the most talented young designers and creative professionals in the region.

Ssimo Sun Xin and her graduation collection: Utilitarian Mode
Jesse Yu Jiabin and his graduation collection:Gladiator
After the grand show, Dana Wu Die and her mother are interviewed by medias
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