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Raffles Shanghai Taking a Stand for Peace

IN order to raise awareness for the International Day of Peace and support the Peace One Day Organization, Raffles Design Institute Shanghai has invited students, teachers, friends and acquaintances to take a stand for global unity and world peace.

The 21st of September is International Peace Day. Peace One Day Organization tries to institutionalize this day by organizing events all over the globe to promote one day of global peace.

Sara Corvino, Visual Communication programme director, decided that Raffles too should actively support the idea that at least one day all weapons in the world should be silent.

Sara has designed a unique window display featuring a horrific real life war scene of a shooting gun and two children trying to dodge the hail of bullets while running for their life. Above this scene is written that 75% of today’s war victims are civilians. All Raffles students, teachers, cleaning ladies, guards and their friends were invited to participate and take his/her picture. In their picture they could interact with the scene by portraying sadness, anger, fear but also hope. Afterwards, they could send their picture to Raffles’ social media where all the pictures were collected.

In just two weeks, more than 800 pictures were collected and thousands people were aware of the event. Even though this is just a small step towards global peace, it shows that even one school can send a strong signal and that people from different countries and cultures get united and support world peace.

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