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VC Smart Talk: ‘Concepting’ by Wilbert Kragten (BSUR)

2015-03-20  Raffles(27)

On February 4th Raffles Visual Communication department organized a new Smart Talk. The aim of these talks is to create a link between education and creative industries. Since 2012 more than 50 guest speakers from renowned international companies have come to visit Raffles Design Institute Shanghai to inspire its students and lecturers alike. Besides enhancing students’ learning experience with extra curriculum knowledge and innovative study cases, the Smart Talk has also provided them with an invaluable opportunity for networking.

Wilbert Kragten

Guest speaker for this Smart Talk was Wilbert Kragten, marketing and branding expert for BSUR (be as you are), an award winning advertising and branding agency based in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Wilbert introduced our students to BSUR's core philosopy: concepting. Concepting is an entirely new way of developing brands. Instead of using traditional product proposition, markets segmentation and target groups, it starts with discovering a mentality concept for the brand. Concepting is especially relevant in China today, with the shift from “made in China” to “created in China” and the transformation from OEM  (original equipment manufacturer) to OBM (original brand manufacturer) companies.


Wilbert Kragten and Raffles Design Institute Shanghai Visual Communication Program Director Sara Corvino

Our young graphic and multimedia designers learned how to experience brands and how to develop them. This new way of thinking will prove useful when they start to design their own brand or build out and enhance the brands of multinational companies.

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