SAS Introduction

The student and Academic Service Department (SAS) provide a differentiated and personalised service, covering academic and non-academic support, mainly relating to daily educational administration, studying abroad and transfer, parental support and student activities. As the core division of daily teaching management and student management, SAS provides our students thorough service during their study in Raffles to meet the diverse needs both in classes and their daily lives. SAS also helps to establish a bridge between school and parents to help students learn and grow.

Daily Academic Administration

Through daily academic administration, SAS provides academic management and support, such as the administration of students' enrollment status, school timetable management, results enquiry, personal information modification, file management, visa application for foreign students, and the issuing of various certificates and daily consultation.


Overseas Study Center

In order to meet the growing needs of studying abroad SAS especially established the Overseas Study Centre to provide professional academic study support.


Parents Supporting Group

Parents need to work with school together to achieve a successful education. SAS understands every parent's expectation of their children and encourages introducing the family strength into our teaching process and management to enhance the children's learning motivation, and to strengthen their supervision and management outside school.


Student Activities

In addition to learning, our social lives are equally important. Student activities provide an opportunity to express and develop alongside a students daily study programme.